The Chase Is On…

This past weekend I ran my bi-weekly game for my little adventure group that currently consists of my son, his cousin, and a friend of his. They're all kids who range in age from 13 down to 10 so I have to keep things changing up constantly to keep their interest and keep them on their toes. This … [Continue Reading]


Archery Targets

Hello there! Been awhile since I've posted anything on my site but tonight I made up some quick terrain pieces/scenery bits that I was pretty tickled with. I'm going to be running a "Games" RPG session for my son and his friends and I needed some archery targets. After extensive searching online I … [Continue Reading]


A Kid, a Cardboard Box, and a Creative Dad

I was going through some old pictures tonight (looking for a gaming-related project I worked on some years ago) when I stumbled upon these wonderful pictures of a quick, cool little project that I made for my son. He was two at the time. It's hard to believe that was seven years ago … [Continue Reading]


The Paint Rack by CNC Workshop / Miniature Scenery

I set out looking for the "perfect" paint rack to store and organize my paints. Over the years I've used everything from expandable plastic spice racks to just setting the bottles down on my work bench in a classic color spectrum. After spending a fair amount of time trolling the message boards … [Continue Reading]

Miniature Scenery Paint Rack

The Dock Crane

This was a really fun and very challenging little project to put together. This was another Assassin's Creed: Revelations inspiration. While working on my Griffin Harbor city and wharf terrain board I constantly referenced some screen captures that I took from ACR. One "must have" item that I … [Continue Reading]